Restricting users ability to delete items from Trashbin

If there is a way to restrict certain users from being able to “Delete Permanently” from their Trashbin, please let me know.

If not, then I think this would be a good enhancement request.

I would like to give users the ability to delete files, but not permanently. For certain users, a system administrator would delete permanently after doing an audit of the files to be deleted.

Take a look at the automated workflows:

It is supposed to manage the workflow of the data, probably there are options how to archive or delete data as well.

Thanks. I don’t see anything in Workflow that will trigger before a file is deleted permanently from the trash bin. Do you @tflidd ?

I haven’t used all the features. You have to do it perhaps differently, manage how to process a file and in the end it gets moved to a folder that belongs to the admin and the admin can delete it. Or tag it as deleted or something.

I don’t know if it is really efficient when the admins have to go through all the deleted files and check if these files can really be deleted. Suppose that >90% of the files are correctly deleted, the few that are deleted wrongly, there is a high chance that the admin will delete it by accident as well. If you click through hundreds of files. And if people renamed them … horror.

Thanks again @tflidd - I don’t believe there a Nextcloud permission difference between moving a file to a different folder and deleting a file. If a user can move a file, then they can delete it and then “Delete Permanently” from the trash bin. Moving files to folders seem like a work around.

I guess I am suggesting that it would be nice to have:

  1. The ability to restrict the action “Delete Permanently” by user/group
  2. A workflow trigger when a file is moved to the trash bin
  3. With the workflow trigger, analyze from which folder the file originated so that it could be either moved to the trash bin OR moved to a folder “Admin to Confirm Trash”

This is a good start.

Thoughts anyone else?

to 1. : That does not yet exist.

to 2. : That already exists, you can trigger a flow like this:

and pass it to external script or (better) to File Actions - files_scripts:

   App-ID          files_scripts
   App-Name        File actions
   Summary         Scripting tool which allows administrators to expand the file options menu.
   Category(s)     files workflow

to 3. : File Actions brings all the tools to analize the files and you are free to programm it to your needs.

Pro: You will learn lua script
Con: You have to learn Lua script :wink:

I hope this makes you hapy
Much luck