Restoring NC backup on a RPi

I’m running nextcloud on a RPi and the SD-card running it dropped dead yesterday. I’m in the process of restoring the backup I have, but it’s quite tedious with all the errors. The only thing I’m wondering at this point is if the folders I’ve backed up are sufficient to make NC running again, or if I’m missing out on something. The backed up folders are:

etc  nextcloud  home  var/lib  var/www

The nextcloud folder is where I keep the data of the NC instance. There’s nothing from the usr folder kept

I was running NC 18 with php7.3 and MariaDB


no if it’s only user-data folders. they won’t help you in get nc running again. you need to have a database-backup as well.

if you’d only have user-data folders backuped there’s no help in just setting everything up from scratch. and if you need to do so please take into consideration. a nice tool helping setting up a rpi and installing nc without problems. plus: it comes with a great possibility for backups.

good luck

Thanks for the answer.

The old nextcloud instance is located in var/www/nextcloud, and it’s in the backup. The nextcloud folder I mentioned is just the data folder that I kept on my HDD. Sorry for the confusion.

Is it still not possible?

but it’s not backupped so far? yes it would be possible to set up a new server using these data.
you should freshly install a new server being on the same version (don’t forget all the apps) as the one you had crashed. and then copying old data into new directory. and see how that would go.

It is backed up, everything in in /var/www is. I’ll try it out and get back if I succeeded or not. Thank for the input.

Hi again.

I finally got some spare time to deal with this again. I managed to make it run. Although only after a lot of pain with installing the right php-stuff for the RPi. I’m still not sure what made the recovery succeed.

I’ve added a mysql dump in my backup script now. Hopefully that will make things easier.

Thanks for all the help!