Restoring from older Borg backup in AIO wipes newer changes on PC clients?

I’ve tried searching the forum, bust most options seem to be for non-AIO setups. I have learned my lesson, and copy the PC data folder before reconnecting to the AIO server (turn the Nextcloud app back on); then merge changes with freefilesync.

But, shouldn’t the newer files on the PC client still sync to the server, even when restoring from an older server backup? I feel like I am missing a client setting, but haven’t found one.

Restoring from older Borg backup in AIO wipes newer changes on PC clients?

Restoring a backup via the AIO interface shouls usually run occ maintenance:data-fingerprint which should enable the sync clients to upload their changes that were made in the meantime to the server. See all-in-one/Containers/nextcloud/ at 27d99efebfb5e7f9f89043ee1ee11018ab9dcc75 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub and

If this doesnt work, then you either did not restore a backup via the AIO interface or you found a bug in the desktop client.

I think it’s happened 2-3 times now. I have fiddled with my system quite a bit, upgrading hardware, drives, etc. How would I report back to you, if I found a bug? Any kind of logs I could provide, or just try it again a couple more times?

How did you restore the backup? Via the AIO interface? If so, feel free to open a bug report in the desktop repository and report there that uodating the data fingerprint does not lead to the desktop client uploading the changes that they made in the meantime anymore. If you did not use the AIO interface to restore the backup, I guess you forgot to run the mentioned command.

I restored through the AIO interface. I will test this again over the weekend, because I’m curious if it is a bug. If I can prove it to myself one more time, then I will open a bug report. I’m glad you are apart of this project, because your help is greatly appreciated.

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