Restoring encrypted Nextcloud after Backup Failure

Hi! I had Nextcloud running on a conteiner on Proxmox. Due to problems with the host I reinstalled Proxmox from scratch, naively relying on the backups I made. However the backup could not be restored (EOF found in the middle of the file).
Now I am trying to restore my nextcloud files. As I didn’t wipe the disks where the containers were stored I still have access to the data directory as well as the database files.

It should be enough to just copy the nextcloud path as well as the mysql path recursively to a new container and install all dependencies of nextcloud to be able to access the files over the webinterface again, shouldn’t it?
I can’t just copy the files from the data directory as they are encrypted…

There is a signature with data from the database. Without it, the restore process (keyfiles, encrypted files and password) is painful (I think a few got it done). If you restore the files and the database, it should work.

Worst case, you should always be able to spin up an old container and get your data.