Restoring a nextcloud backup, empty collectives

I’m running debian buster / ISP config 3.2 / latest version of nextcloud

I made a backup of my nextcloud instance + database (mariaDB) with ispConfig a few weeks ago.

I’ve just restored the instance and the database, I can see my decks and my collectives, but there are only the links, and when I click on them when I arrive it’s empty or it tells me “collectives don’t belong to this name”.

But where are all the texts entered in Collectives stored, and how can I retrieve them or rebuild the indexes?

Thanks for your help

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We are running Nextcloud version 27.1.4 with Collectives version 2.9.2 and recently restored the instance and database awell and running into similar problems right after it.

When I look up the path /data/appdata_octjgxgcdqc2/collectives/ and browse one level deeper the files are present and this part of the restore was successful.

In our case their headings are visible and selectable via the left sidebar after clicking on Collectives in the top menu, but as soon as I click to view the pages the app comes up with the error Page not found: {page} and suggests to Select a page from the list or create a new one. which is not possible (the sidebar remains empty).

The cause of all this is perhaps similar or the same, so I hope my additions help us get to the root of the problem.

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I really hope that the developers will come up with a more solid mechanism to prevent the loss of this data. Having the architecture is all well and good, but where is the text data? It should be sent to a database I think.

Like in wordpress. You save the database and you can restore all the content.

There are lots of apps in Nexcloud, but nobody wants to develop one for data security? For example, NextCloudSnap? > FTP, or desktop or cloud spaces.

For the moment I’m going to look for another less risky solution for writing my shared projects.
Too dangerous, too many hours and days lost.

I think you must store the database and all needed files e.g. /data/appdata_octjgxgcdqc2/collectives/.

I do not use Wordpress but i used Joomla years ago. There is also a database and data in the filesystem.

Read Backup and Restore. There are also Nextcloud apps for Backup but please use normal linux backup and restore features. I would also advise everyone to try it out on a test system.

Also in normal Nextcloud markdown files (.md) there are links to files on the Nextcloud filesystems. Here too, the text content is not saved in the database.

Hi, I see where datas should be, but i’s empty and on the front end now, I can’t also delete these “pages” , it’s loading forever…

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Dear all, did the instanceId change by any chance when you migrated to a new Nextcloud instance? If so, you have to make sure that you copy data/appdata_<old_instanceid>/collectives from the old instance to data/appdata_<new_instanceid>/collectives` on the new instance.

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Yes. I totally forgot I appended a suffix to the instanceid in the restored config.php.

My issue is solved. Thank you for the hint and help!