Restore shared folder deleted by user

A user deleted a folder that is shared with a group that she is in. The folder is still visible for the rest of the group but not for her. How can the NextCloud admin or another user that is in that group reshare/restore that folder with/for her?

I look a video to the theme. I think only the owner of the folder and the user (deleted the folder) can restore the folder.

The owner of the folder shared it with a group. She is still in that group. How can the owner of the folder reshare it?

I hoped with restore the share is also restored.

The owner of the folder doesn’t see a “restore” button anywhere, the folder still exists for the rest of the group. The user who deleted that folder doesn’t see that folder in her trash either.

Actuall the user did not delete that folder, she tried to move it to another (unshared) subfolder in her root.

Oh. I think in normal shared folders is it different.

The only thing that worked is to shared the folder with the user directly again. Now the folder is shared with the group and her explicitly. This shouldn’t be necessary because the she is already a member of that group.

Could this be a bug?

Same issue.
As a user you can see unshared folders. Hovering over them shows a button share… But it does not do anything.

So how can an unshared folder be shared again?

I’m having the same problem.
Somehow the client has deleted the shares from my account & I’m still in the group.

Situation is as follows:

  • Everybody in the group can see and interact with the files, except me.
    • I’m not the owner of the files, they’re shared by someone else.
  • All the folders (which are shared with the group) are in “Deleted Shares” folder.
  • There’s no way to restore these files back to my file tree.

Moreover, I’m the server administrator and cannot find a way to restore files.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.