Restore nextcloud personal data

I take a backup of nextcloud files (prosonale data). in that cloud was click for crypt option.
now i want to restore to other nextcloud, i can’t read files.
i don’t havea old nextcloud to disable crypt and take backup.
what should i do?

I guess without the old nextcloud or the encryption key your data will be lost

i have the key (crypt key) but how to use it?

under each folder there is a files_encyption. and it’s exactly the same as files and under file_encryption kan i see a key folder and there under each folder there is a file key.
Can this file key use to decrypt the folder ?

That would be like leaving the key on a nail on the outside of the door so i guess no

ok i restore the old nextcloud. but in other subnet and i can start the lxd (nextcloud) and application is running but i can’t login to that because there is another subdomain. how to restore it now?

Perhaps you can change the subdomain in your webserver-config (apache2, nginx) and nextcloud-config (config/config.php).

If not you can modify in your network your hosts-file on your client and set the nextcloud ip to the old name). Now you can use the nextcloud-server-name on a different ip/server.

Read for windows clients: