Restore nextcloud instance to a different data storage configuration

I do not have a problem, YET. =)

I am planning to re-setup my server configuration after many years.

I am planning on using the latest available software: Debian 11, Php8, etc.

I am planning to have my entire system on a small SSD (256GB).

Previously, my system has a 1TB drive, and my nextcloud instance and data was all on it, in it’s default location.

However, the nextcloud data > 256GB, so restoring to it naturally won’t work.

I have never restored a nextcloud instance, so really not too familiar with how it works.

Ideally, I would like to restore the data to my new server setup, with another drive (i.e. the 256SSD, and another larger likely HDD).

My question is, is it even possible to restore the data to the new setup, that would set another data location??

First you can read backup and restore. Hopefully you create backups every day.

Perhaps you can delete a lot of huge files. You can find them e.g. with ncdu. Then you maybe do not need a big ssd or hdd.

Also you can use a ssd for your system (e.g. 256 GB) and a hdd (e.g. 1TB or more) for your data. You can configure the datadirectory in config/config.php:

'datadirectory' => '/path/to/hdd/data',

Your webserver user must be the owner of the path:
chown www-data:www-data /path/to/hdd/data

documentation config.php

Thanks for the reply.

That was the key idea i missed. I think if I can get everyone to cleanup their data, remove large files (myself included). then it should be doable, thanks.

I do not backup every day, since dropping into maintenance mode is kind of annoying, stopping everything.

But, yeah there are way too many large files on this instance.

To minimize data you can delete backups from Nextcloud upgrades.


Use ncdu for other files.
If you delete with linux you must recan that Nextcloud knows it.