Restore MariaDB dump fails at oc_cards table import

I wanted to migrate my nextcloud installed on a linux server to a docker container installation. Everything works fine except importing the sql dump that I have created for the old database. It always fails at inserting the oc_cards entries. If I remove the insert statements from the dump the import works fine. If I keep them it fails every time. I noticed that each insert statement is very big. I seems that a single record contains data of more than 1MB. I think all the address data of one address book is stored as one entry in the database causing trouble on importing that data.

When trying to do the import on MariaDB I always get the following erroe: “[ERROR] mysql got signal 11; This could be because you hit a bug.”

I also have tried to do the import on different MariaDB versions. I have created multiple dumps also modifying some address data in my current nextcloud installation (24.0.6). Nothing works.

Maybe I have to change some MariaDB setting in order to import the dump but I dont know which one. I would really appreciate some help as I tryied finding a solution for this problem for more than two days already.