Restore Fotos from nextcloud to iphone camera roll

I do not see an obvious way to restore photos from nextcloud to an iphone. E.g. in case of data loss on the iphone I would like to get the photos back into the camera roll.

Thanks for any advice, Detlef

Open the Nextcloud i-Phone app and select the photos to be cached locally - that’s all to keep a local copy on your iPhone.

Thanks a lot for your quick response. This might be totally fine for a lot of customers.

I need it in the iPhone Fotos App for three reasons:

  • Most iOS users (in my family) are used to it
  • The fotos should be at one place
  • At the moment the iPhone fotos app has a lot more features than Nextcloud app

That’s the reason why I wrote the picture should be marked to be stored locally. Usually The photo app can display all photos in different folders, including the ones stored by the Nextcloud app. The file manager integration is described e.g. in this video:

You can copy the photos to a computer and use iTunes to sync them to it. They would be in the photos app but not the camera roll.