Restore error with incoherent error message

Hi, I’ve got a restoration problem (my NCP23 sdcard failed, I’ve built a new fresh instance NCP24).
I’ve got this message :
Capture d'écran 2023-07-19 102214
The path and files exist, all filesystem are ext4 (sdcard and hdd)

what can I do ?

NextcloudPi Changelog

v1.52.1 (2023-07-17) Add support for Nextcloud 26.0.3


  • Adds support for NC 26.0.3
  • Add ZFS support for the data directory (#1767)


  • Fix bug in ncp-backup (#1791)
  • Fix missing configuration field for nc-backup-auto (#1787)

I see a code commit impacting that very line from last night.

And a hotfix release 2 hours ago. Bump up NCP version to v1.52.2 it looks like.

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That should hopefully fix your issue

OK i’ll check that !