Restore backups from updater and disable backups

I found that the Nextcloud updater uses a lot of space by creating backups at data/updater-xxx/backups/.

There is no documentation how to restore these backups. There is no database. Is it even possible to restore them or are these backups just wasting a lot of space.

How can one disable these seemingly useless backups or reduce their number?

Good question!
Although my question is sorta different. My question is; is it necessary to retain them past a good upgrade? I’ve noticed in ‘data/updater-oc817ns0y7e4/backups/’ there are several retained backup folders of the previous versions. Same with ‘data/updater-oc817ns0y7e4/downloads/’.
Can I delete these backed up folders?

@fkbreitl @RodmanB
There are documentation for Backup and Restore. And yes you must backup (dump) the database and i think there is no database dump in /updater-xxx/backups. But i don’t know if you could create a dump with the database credentials in config.php at all. Maybe the directory is more for a rollback during the update. I think that makes more sense. I think updater-xxx/backups is only anupdater-backup and then it makes sense. The user data, for example, is not backed up. Contained are rather the apps.

Also if you make a backup you do not need to backup or use this directory. And if you need a backup you can not use it, too.

And what do we learn from it. Always make a backup yourself before updating.