Restore and decrypt single file from backup of my nextcloud server (file encryption enabled)

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Nextcloud version: 14.0.4
Default encryption module version: 2.2.0

The issue you are facing:
I’m missing a file that was uploaded to my nextcloud (possibly deleted). All files are encrypted by the “Default encryption module”. I have a complete server and MySQL backup and could restore the missing file. Is there a way to decrypt a single restored file without restoring the complete server?

@psar did you manage to decrypt the files from your backup? I have a similar issue, Nextcloud sync has overwritten some folders when I turned on a old desktop. Fortunately, I have the backup of all files and keys but not sure how to decrypt the files.

I’m sorry but I did not find a simple solution to restore a single file in 2019. I think it should be possible somehow but I did not spent much time to try it. In the meantime there is maybe a simple way to decrypt single files. Good luck.

Yes you can with GitHub - syseleven/nextcloud-tools: This project contains tools to operate Nextcloud.