Restore after server failure

Hi All,

Long story, short. My original server crashed, it’s VM hosted on my homelab server. I think it was a filesystem issue that couldn’t be recovered. As per the migration documentation I built a new server and pointed it at the database, however for some reason this didn’t work. Although I could login via the Administrator account, my user accounts just wouldn’t work. So have ended up starting from scratch and migrated the data, mainly files. I can now login with my user accounts, but the need help with the Passwords apps.

Passwords is one of the apps I used pretty much daily, so I’m hoping someone can help me recover.

I have found what I believe is a backup of the passwords in appdata/passwords/autoBackups. But when I try running the restore/import commands neither work.

I’m running Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.1)

Thanks in advance

Take a look at this guide and just see which option fits your case the best: Server Migration · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab

Like I said in my post, I’ve already tried those options and they’ve not helped. Here’s an example below.

sudo -u apache php /var/www/html/nextcloud/occ passwords:backup:import /root/2023-09-05_20-41-35.json.gz

In BackupImportCommand.php line 92:



That’s a file not found exception. I think that may be because the file path points to the /root/ folder which can only be accessed by root. The apache user can’t find that file.

Thanks for the pointer, still couldn’t get the backup to restore. But have managed to resolve the issue. Manually re-added the accounts, which was a ball ache, from the phone app after setting it to airplane mode and disabling the wifi.