Restart ploblem with Docker on Raspberry Pi

Good afternoon . I bought a new 64GB card and I have made a new installation of nextcloud through docker. all perfect . It works very well . but when I restart the raspberry pi then there is no way to connect again. I never unplug the raspberry directly. What could be the problem? It seems like some configuration. Thank you …

What command did you use to create/run the container?

You can make sure a container re-starts, unless manually stopped, with:

docker update --restart=unless-stopped container_name

I think the reply from OliverV did not solve the problem, I have the same Issue.
I installed Docker Version 20.10.7 on RasbianOS lite 32bit, following Containers are deployed and running:
When I use “reboot” to restart the Raspberry Pi 4 the system will not come up again, new connections are only possible after disconnect from power an reconnect so that the Raspi makes a “cold” boot. My opinion is that the Raspi does freeze in the shutdown process, but i have no idea how i can solve this problem.