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I guess this features has been asked a million time for already. But here we go. Are there plans to have resources (like rooms) integrated to the calendar app?

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just today I was asking myself the same question. So far I haven’t found any detailed information towards this feature.
I guess it’s is just one part of the road to true groupware. Thank you in advance!

There is no resource support in the calendar app.
We are also not aiming for a full-featured groupware solution, so I doubt there will be resource support.

I started a thread with an hypothesis of an ad hoc app:

I cite it here for two reasons:

  1. I think it is useful to link all the related information
  2. it contains some technical details on the issue that could be of interest for the readers

Why not add resources/meeting rooms? It seems like an easy feature to add that would bring lots of enterprise users!? It’s not handled very well in G Suite and could be integrated into the calendar app in a much more convenient way imo.


We changed our mind about that and are planning to bring it in the future, but I’m strongly disagreeing that’s its easy to implement this feature. Pull requests welcome :wink:


To provide further information to anyone interested:

The issue is merged.

If I got it right, that is the first step. It will put the necessary “infrastructure” for resources management in the server.
After that other modifications will be necessary to have one or more interfaces to that functuionality. I still did not understand it this second step will be in the calendar app or if it will be an ad hoc app. We will discover it.

In the meantime, thank you @georgehrke for all the work!


Awesome! (+10 characters)

In the Nextcloud 14 announcement you can read “The Nextcloud Groupware suite introduces resource booking in the calendar app.” (

The user manual is not yet actual for version 14. Does anyone already know how “resource booking” is working? Or do we have to wait for further apps to use this?

I run 14.0.0 And cannot find anything about resource calenders unfortunately :frowning: . Maybe the functionality is scheduled for the calender app (if anybody finds the relevant issue on github, maybe paste it here?).

I took a look at the test list: ( and found only one fail.
Click into failed test shows the cause seems to be remote repo’s problem, not code’s.
@georgehrke, is it possible to get back to this feature and bring it into production?
If not, how risky is it to use this hint: (

oh, me too! i can’t find any resource booking functionality. I’m really looking forward to this feature!

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I tried but it seems not to do anything currently. I created an appointment with a resource i created beforehand. I filed an isse for this.

Any news on this? @georgehrke?

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@georgehrke Any news on this?


I’m looking for this feature too, I thought it was added in Nextcloud 14 as described in this official announcement but I can’t find it in my nextcloud server. Am I missing something? Is it possible to have some informations about this feature? Thanks!


I cannot provide any internal information, yet it evident that @georgehrke is improving this functionality for Nextcloud 17:


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any news on this with Nextcloud 17? I can’t find anything so far.

The next version of the Calendar app, 2.0.0, should solve a lot of long-standing issues and put the basis to solve other ones…

As far as I understood resources management is considered a special case of a Free/Busy UI (read and ), which should be included in version 2.0.0

For informations about the next releases have a look at

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Calendar 2.0 is released and indeed when adding participants, the form placeholder mentions rooms and resources. Now, just missing the UI to create those. For me, actually a command line utility would be enough; anybody insights into how resources/rooms are modelled?

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