Management of shared meeting rooms

I happened to find this android app called Reservator on F-Droid


Displays the availability status of meeting rooms along with the free/busy-time. Requires a Google-Account for schedules.

The github repo is here

I was wondering if something similar could be done using Nextcloud calendars…

Someone could either contact them and verify if they include support for Nextcloud, or build an app with similar functionality that interacts with Nextcloud

Honestly this is not a need that I have, so I will not contact the creators of Reservator.
Yet I found this info interesting enough to share it here.
Hope it will find some use

P.S.: up to now the app needs a paid Google apps for business or Google apps for education account
A simple free Google account is not enough.


I put this information here so maybe it will be useful to whoever can be interested.

I happened to discover that fullcalendar (the opensource calendar used as a base for Nextcloud calendar) has a plugin that does this, i.e.: it manages resources like meeting rooms.

Here is the link:

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Again some information of possible use.

During the first Nextcloud conference there was a talk about an Open Event Management:

The project is open source. They presented to facilitate collaboration with Nextcloud (calendar, files, …)

They website is:

The following message states clearly about the possibility of adding resources directly in the calendar app:

(take into account that @georgehrke is one of the calendar app developers)