Resource Allocation for a Linux Container

I was just wondering if anyone is running Nextcloud in a Linux Container on Proxmox and if so what resource allocation is recommended?

Currently I am running on a single vCPU and have yet to see the CPU usage go above 2% but RAM seems to be much more important. I currently have 2GB RAM allocated and I am going over when I run Spreed.Me calls. I have plenty of RAM available on the server so I can increase this with no problem but I was just wondering if anyone else can recommend sensible resource allocation so I don’t need to keep adjusting it?

Many thanks.

That really depends on the usage, how many users, what apps, … you can follow this guidelines:

2 GB is not bad, more is perhaps better. I would check the cache-settings of your mysql server. This can speed up a lot of things (use php caching modules redis and apcu first). There are some script that help you to set a reasonable size of your mysql cache. Dependend on that you can increase the overall RAM. Just plain owncloud/nextcloud without Spreed.Me and a couple of users, I’m running it with 4 GB of RAM (around 2 are actually used). If you see your system using all RAM and starting to use SWAP, you can increase the RAM a bit.

Hey thanks for the response, I am already running apcu will look into mysql cache-settings.