[resolved] No 14.0.3 update available in web updater

i got a nextcloud 13.0.7 running and changed the releasechannel from production to stable. I thought that i would see 14.0.3 as an available update - but the web updater tells me that i am up-to-date …

Is there a reason for this?


Did you refresh the page and try to log out and log in again?

Yes i did this several times, i can see the 14.0.4 RC1 in the beta channel, but within the stable channel, i am told, that 13.0.7 is up to date …

I can see th message “Die Aktualisierungsprüfung ist noch nicht abgeschlossen. Bitte die Seite neu laden.” - i have never seen this one in the past.

I don’t really know when they switch the stable release to 14. Not sure if there are some bugs for certain environment or some popular apps that are not yet available. @jospoortvliet do you know when the switch happens?

only half the users has gotten 14.0.3, we’ve decided to wait for 14.0.4 before rolling out to the rest. That release is planned this week, we’ll give that a week or so and then go 100% unless problems are found. :wink:

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Aaaaahhhhh, got it. Thanks for the information …