Reset Password not working properly on NC13


In NC 13 I have two different installs with the same issue.

On the login page select the forgot password? link.

On the next screen it states enter your username or password for your account. I enter the email address I have verified exists. I select the reset password button.

I get taken to the following UR and the following error is displayed:

{“status”:“error”,“msg”:“Couldn’t send reset email. Please make sure your username is correct.”}

Surprising the instance does actually sent the reset password link to the user without issue, the issue it is just the user interface logic seems to be incorrect as of course the email address does exist as it emails it fine.

Definitely seems like a bug I think as two fresh installs with the same issue.

I have not seen anyone else with the same issue though. Can I flag this as an issue or is there a patch for this?

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 13.0.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04): Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): Apache
PHP version (eg, 7.1): PHP 7.1

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Please report this to the bug tracker on

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Thanks @tflidd . Are you aware of this issue?

I have added an issue and will await a response from the developers.

I’m wondering if I should redeploy or something to check if it’s anything I have done to cause this?

Has anyone else here tested reset password feature after upgrading from 12 to 13? If not can somebody in the community try it and let me know.

I’m on version 13.0.1 now.


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I didn’t run any tests myself. It’s probably not a general problem that the function is not working at all. With the code check, I could suspect that you have attributed a mail address to more than one users or the mail address is wrong (blanks in front or at the end, something like that).

This post is not a solution, the bug exists.

I love this, this guy does not test it, suspects, and probably guesses…

Malformed, wrong or not, the way the application loads a blank page with an exception printed on it should be a hint something is broken.

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This post is the solution, because it links to the github issue. So there is nothing more we can do here in the forum. The developers need to take over and analyze - which they will do on Github.

Many of the normal users/ community members here don’t have a test environment and I find it understandable that they don’t want to run any tests in their personal, productive environments. So yeah, we have to guess sometimes. Sorry about that.
Nonetheless, please still be respectful to the community members. We try to help in our spare time.

Wonder how that math works out #confirmationbias

@Oclair Thanks for taking time to confirming you also have the issue on Github. Fingers crossed it gets solved soon. Luckily our instance does not have a lot of users but still I do not want to be handling reset pasword queries. :fearful:

@Schmu I am not sure what the rough timelines from developers is like on issues?

I know they prioritise paying support customers initially is my understanding but I guess it would be good to know where it sits in the priority of things. There has not been a comment added to the issue in Github since I added it on April 23rd.

I deployed 3 fresh tests of NC13 and I am getting this issue.



Hi @Col,

I think issues are prioritized by the possible impact on the users and how many users/ servers are affected
The more users post there on Github the more visibility this issue will get among the devs.

While you can actually reset your password and it is “just” an ugly bug, it might be treated as papercut. But let’s see.
I just tested and can confirm this issue. So I post this as well on Github. One user more complaining about that :wink:

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Thanks @Schmu

Appreciate the support and testing :+1::+1::+1:.

Thank god I’m not gone mad and it was just my instances. LOL

Have a great day.