Requirements for a database?

what are the requirements for the database? What is the expected size of the metadata / files and co? I didn’t find a documentation about them.

WHat I plan to use is:

  • file hosting an sharing
  • Openstack Swift as main storage
  • Collabora online

I have the possibility to use a database service with the following specs

RAM 512 MB , 8GB storage
RAM 1GB, 16GB storage
RAM 2GB, 32GB storage

Would the 1GB option be enough?

This is really depending on the usage, I run my private NC on a atom based machine with 4gb ram total and lots of other applications.

A ± 100 user NC instance I maintain is using 12 gb ram, db & apache, and 500Mb storage for the database.

For a personal server I think the 1GB option should work.

right i should have specified the usage. in my case for a start there shouldn’t be more than 10 users. do you know how much active ram is used by your instance? of course i could host my own db but the interrest of this service is having the db with failover on 3 servers for a small cost… thanks for the answer anyway

For one user the db on my private server uses ± 150Mb ram, I think 1gb should do for your use case.

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Some data for a smaller cloud:
40000 files in 130MB database file.
The db uses 250MB ram, but there are only a few users online at the same time.
Also cpu load of the database can get high e.g. when zipping fodlers.

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