Requirement to complete a form before upload from a specific group

I have just implemented Nextcloud and I am looking for the following feature that can be applied on a group policy basis.
Before a group member can upload files to a predefined folder or any folder they have permission for, they must complete a simple form. After all the fields in the form are populated, the group member can then upload to the predefined folder.

I imagine the form would be in editable PDF or Word format or similar, and could be modified as required for different folders that have had the form / upload feature applied to it

A visible button that could be pressed on screen would be the first preference to start the form process. Alternatively any attempt to upload to a predefined folder could start the form process.

Please excuse me if my terminology is not correct. Is what I am looking for already available in Nextcloud environment? If not, would it be a large undertaking?


To my knowledge, I believe it’s quite unrealistic to add such a preamble before granting users access to folder they have permission for.

What’s more realistic I think would be to develop an app that would allow users to upload files on folder they don’t have permission for (and that proper filling of the form would unlock for that particular upload).

That would be quite a large undertaking (but please define large), even without allowing different forms for different folders.

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HI Cyrille, thank you for outlining your thoughts. I see your initial point about my unrealistic request.

I have seen other portal style software have the user complete a form before the upload can take place. I am only concerned with access via web browser and assumed that after a user attempted to upload, a full screen overlay of the form would come to the forefront.

On acceptance of the form, it saved to a temp location until file to upload was completed. At that stage the form would move from the temp location to the same location as the upload file(s).

I regularly see full screen pop ups in a web environment. I also imagined that the change of a form would be a case of an admin manually renaming a form. The content of the form is not important.

If the form required 5 fields that needed to be populated, a check before saving the form could do a count on the number of fields completed.

What am I missing in my thought process on this? Would the HTTPS option be viable?