Requests Entity too large with nextcloud:apache docker image


I’m running nextcloud in a docker setup. The image i use is nextcloud:apache. I’m getting 413 Request Entity Too Large errors. So the fix should be to increase the body size of apache. And this is where my trouble begins:

I do have no idea, where to configure this as the apache.conf (or any othere apache relevant config file) seems to be exposed/persisted

I have the following mount in my container:

      - ./data/nextcloud:/var/www/html

Any idea how to set this option without the need to completely rebuild the image myself?

Search for APACHE_BODY_LIMIT environment configuration variable in the Docker image README[1]. There’s no need to replace the Apache configuration file(s).

As an aside, what is the use case you’re running into this situation in? I ask because while there are some situations where it could still be necessary (e.g. anonymous/public file drops >1GiB) due to a lack of client chunking support, the majority of situations/client operations support (and use) chunking by default.


Worked fine.

My usecase was a rclone sync, which is basically a WebDAV transfer.

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