Requested demo of Hub 8, received a link for Hub 7


I just found out about Hub 8. I was interested to see the demo of this and requested it from this blog ‘Try hub 8’ button. After filling in my details I received an e-mail “Your 1-hour trial of Nextcloud Hub 7 is ready!”. From here I am confused as I requested a version 8 demo. After clicking Try Nextcloud it’s even get more confused as it was hard to find the version, from about last screen I saw its "Nextcloud is on version 28.0.4 ", I don’t see version 7 or 8 here.

I can’t find any assistant 2.0, even not a 1.0 in the demo. I was interesting to try those assistant features.

Any help to try a Hub 8 demo with the Assistant 2.0 is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


An update on this. I received a second e-mail with Hub 8 " Nextcloud Hub 8: Your trial awaits". But it opens the same demo as with the Hub 7 link, with the 28.0.4 version and no assistant.

It is Nextcloud 28: