[request] Webm Encoder app for Files-app


i have read this :

why then not build up a app for encoding all videofiles into webm so, AV1…
hold the size of the video and other as static, only encoding and saving as .webm for share , download or others like play over html5 to have a free format and be in able for remove nonfree video standard from the server… maybe with the option
Admins-Panel setting up the binary
O [/share/bin/webm______] [Set]
[_] only for Groups ?

Video Mimtype O : [*.avi;*.mpg4;*.mpg;*.mkv;*.divx;*.xvid__________] [check(save)]
and other possible file.types.
//O = indicator for supported file.types if all okey, green, if there something wrong, red
[X] Autoencoding behind upload
[X] Delete the Orginalfile/s behind encoding

Actions=> encode in webm
Actions=> encode in webm and delete the original File

therewith have we are in able and can we are use a Standart-Videoencoder in the Nextcloud and
support therewith another open Standard with AV1 -Videocodec and have there
directly support for html5 direct-play and sharing.

best regards


tl;dr: dav1d has now a first release

If you want a quick summary of this post, about our AV1 decoder:

  • dav1d is good enough that it has an official release,
  • dav1d now covers all the spec and features of AV1 (including 12bits) ,
  • dav1d is very fast on modern desktop and it is getting faster on mobile chips.

Read the following for more details…

First release of dav1d, the AV1 decoder