Request to be able to launch nextcloud with only the specific app

I want to request a feature to launch nextcloud from URL argument just a specific app .

The url is fixed. So, when you open e.g. the path /apps/polls, the polls app will be started.

Or am I missing your point here?

Yes, I do not want other apps to load when I paste so if I want load polls only it would be great to have link like : /apps/polls?apps=polls but lets say if I want to load files, poles and notes then the url becomes /apps/polls?apps=polls,files,notes

keeping in mind, the precedence polls gets loaded in the browser first followed by files and notes.

And that should also keep the menu clean.

with the link like /apps/polls will open nextcloud in browser along with other apps but polls open to user. I am not asking for a direct navigational link. That is more of an understood thing.

Okay, sorry, I misunderstood your request. For me (as a dev) an app is loaded only if you navigate to the app (aka done controller of the app used used to serve the request).

You seem to look for a way to hide certain apps (or all except for some in the url) from the user. Does this match your requirement?

Marginally, hiding apps only gives clarity to the end user which does benefit from UX/UI point of view, but if the user is only interested in the specifically targeted apps, It is best that Nextcloud controller skip loading the apps in the web browser window.

Now you lost me again. What do you mean by this:

Each app hat is own controllers. For a single page, only one method of one controller is triggered. The non-selected apps will not be loaded in the sense that these are held in background in some sort of cache or whatever. The class instances are created on demand by the server…

Maybe you can give an example of describe whatever you see it want too see.

I have noticed apps like custom Menu interferes in the loading of the nextcloud, custom menu is just one example but here we have another app called App Order. So when we are viewing files menu I basically have 3 apps opened at the same time.

The issue might be the apps are not up to date with the version of nextcloud latest update or whatever they use in the background.

I am not php developer, but if with cache you are referring to some php cache !?

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okay please do not hijack this thread to talk about app order, that was just one app I mentioned.