REQ: limit APP to groups & USERS

who should I ask for to suggest an evolution of the app store? by adding limitation to users?

The app store only allows limitation to groups, when limit to user could be simply useful.

If users need to be in the same group to share an app, it’s contradictory to the limitation of contact limitation to own group: my config prevents users of different groups to see and contact each other (different organisations). But to share an app, they have to share a group. Why? Because I have 20 organisations, I’m not going to create a group specific for the use of one app for each of these organisations… takes too much time… and what about when I have 100 groups?

Limiting to users could allow one specific user with a specific role in his organisation to use a specific app.

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Why not just make a group for an app or set of apps?

Thanks Karl, for the reason I explained in my post.

Why not using different instances for each of the organizations? If one organization grows, it is easier to migrate it to a dedicated machine, or move setups between different servers.

Not sure with ldap, if that could be done to manage subgroups for features easily. Or do with ldap use the Global scale - Nextcloud for login to dedicated setups (with different app settings). But that more in direction of enterprise usage, not many large setups running the community version shared their setups…

So far, I’m not trying to revolutionize our entire system.
It seems to work greatly as it is now.

I find that being able to limit apps to users is a limit that could be exceeded …

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