[REQ] How to count the number of individual subscriptions of a published calendar?

Hi all,

I’ve made a Calendar available to subscribe to and now want to know how many ppl. actually subscribed and permanently using it.
A) Is there any way to count the number of subscription? Means:

  1. how many ppl. downloaded that subscription/subscribed.
  2. the number of unique subscribers.

B) If there is no native way, is there any code who can perform that counting?

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

P.S. NC 20 and latest Calendar

The point of publishing a calendar as a public link is that anyone who has the link can access it, but you don’t know anything about them, that’s the limitation.

If you’re an admin you should be able to parse your webserver logs to get all the IP addresses who access the link, but multiple people can be on a single Nextcloud instance (with a single IP) that fetches your subscription.

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Ok, that makes sense! Thanks for clarification.

Isn’t there a way to add a hash to every downloaded link to at least count the individual subscriptions? An IP may not be reliable enough.