Repositories for various apps (Calendar, Contacts, ...)

Hi there,

How will we manage apps like Calendar or Contacts? Are we going to fork them into Nextcloud, or will we use the ownCloud Packages (…as long as they stay 9.0 - compatible) :confused:

And now a little personal statement: Nextcloud is my reason for participate in OpenSource :wink: … I will help the project where I can. In the Forum, on GitHub, and wherever I can :muscle:


Once we release our first release of Nextcloud (for which we will provide easy migration paths as stated at How will I be able to upgrade to Nextcloud from ownCloud?) installing the apps will be a breeze.

We didn’t yet discuss whether we will just keep using the owncloud/calendar or owncloud/contacts repository. That should be completely fine as well since it’s AGPLv3 licensed and does not require any signed CLA or so.

Anyhow, the most important message is: We will strive to make it easy for people to contribute and we will ensure that calendar and contact are fully supported apps by us. We will let you all know once we have discussed some more how we should go forward on that :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Thanks a lot for helping making the world a better place :rocket: :heart:

It’s something about the other apps known? For example owncloud/mail or owncloud/tasks? @LukasReschke

News will support nextcloud as far as IRC logs go.


That depends on the maintainers of the applications whether they want to move the app to the Nextcloud organisation or not. We’re happy to welcome everyone joining us but also don’t want to force people to do a decision right now.

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There could be some downsides keeping Calendar and Contacts in ownCloud … especially if we want to offer a good support :wink: … We all need to have complete! administrative access to such repositories … otherwise, for example publishing important and priority patches could be a longer and time consuming process.

You’re awesome! :slight_smile: Added you to the Github organization, also to the Community management team!

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Thank you :slight_smile: … I am looking forward in a great time with you all guys :sunny:


Are you planning to move owncloud/contacts into nextcloud as we have already done with the news-app :thinking: @Henni

Same for @georgehrke and owncloud/calendar.

I think that would make sense, because we support those apps … of course, I think currently this is only a design issue, but we should present us uniformly (as news already does) in the future.

I would leave the contacts app in the owncloud repository for now. I’m not aware of any benefits of moving it at the moment. But this might change in the future.

I mentioned in the client thread that my vote would be to fork everything and merge in changes, if not simply for branding.

There are several reasons why I think we should move them:

  • strengthen the awareness of the brand “Nextcloud” (The most users only want the product “Nextcloud” and don’t maybe some of them don’t want to be confronted with the history of ownCloud and Nextcloud)

  • Bugreporting would be easier (users must not searched whether an app is in ownCloud or Nextcloud; because News is already in Nextcloud)

  • Contacts and Calendar will be part of enterprise contracts :wink:

However … We will move it so or so sometime, better earlier then later I think… Especially because News is already in Nextcloud and we should occur as united as possible :muscle:

@georgehrke @Henni @frank

I like the idea of forking the apps, but only once the developers have confirmed that they are now targeting their development on NC instead of OC, as is the case with the News app. If we fork projects and the maintainer is still writing the code for OC and responding to OC issues instead of NC ones, then we end up with something thats effectively an unmaintained app. Even if we keep pulling changes and issues over, then we run the risk of having incompatible changes breaking things and isues that just don’t relate to our code base.


Or if there is a local team willing to take over of course. There is then no need to convince the original maintainer(s), but it’s always a good idea to ask first if they’re interested in supporting the fork in addition to or as a replacement of the original project.

As much as I understand your idea of branding, not everyone runs on OC 9.0 yet, so many still stick with a 8.x-version and until they upgrade to 9.0 or even nextcloud, this will take some time. If you force developers to migrate to nextcloud the whole owncloud-idea appears abandoned and users could move to other solutions (no not nextcloud, seafile or even dropbox). Worst case for the start, you find your favourite app X working only in nextcloud and your beloved app Y only working in owncloud.

Make users and developers want to use nextcloud, don’t force them.

Yes, absolutely. You’re right The main point is to make sure that someone is actually developing the code of the app being brought over to Nextcloud, original dev or not. We just don’t want apps supposedly existing for Nextcloud that are actually abandonware, broken by the porting, oc apps.

in general it is a good idea to move in my opinion. But at the end this is the decision of the app maintainers.