Repo for Linux desktop clients

Are the plans to distribute Linux desktop clients via repository?

Fedora -> Repo for Linux desktop clients - #6 by tpokorra

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Thanks for using Nextcloud :sun_with_face: … we have currently no own desktop clients. The ownCloud client is still in use and copatible with Nextcloud. We are currently working on an independent one and in some weeks … I think we will have our own with linux repositories :wink:


There are still no plans to distribute the actual Nextcloud Server with linux repos right?

No. Building and maintaining pacakges is not an easy tasks. Especially since each distro does it differently. So if somebody is up to it they can of course make packages for their favorite distro. Else you will have to use the tarballs.

Are there official tarballs of the client available for download? links directly to

This is how I currently create a tarball (the idea how to include the submodule is taken from

git clone 
cd client_theming
git checkout -b newrelease$VERSION v$VERSION
git submodule update --init --recursive
git archive --prefix=nextcloud-client-$VERSION/ HEAD > ../nextcloud-client-$VERSION.tar
cd client 
git archive --prefix=nextcloud-client-$VERSION/client/ HEAD > ../../tmp.tar
cd ..
tar --concatenate --file=../nextcloud-client-$VERSION.tar ../tmp.tar
rm -f  ../tmp.tar
gzip ../nextcloud-client-$VERSION.tar

Actually, I realised there is no need for a combined tarball.
I was able to modify the existing Fedora spec file for owncloud-client, to build a package with the nextcloud theming: