Replicate the Google Maps timeline feature

Hi all, I am a brand new Nextcloud user :slight_smile:

I want to replicate the Google Maps Timeline feature, which means having a continuous logging of my phone position, so I can always go back at a specific time and date and see where I was, or use the points to geolocate photos from my camera.

In Nextcloud I installed Maps and Phone Track (do I need it or Maps is enough?) and on my phone the Phone Track Android app, but I am a bit at a loss here.

In the Android app, what’s the difference between a “Phone Track log job” and a “Nextcloud Maps log job”? Shouldn’t those two apps be integrated in some way or not? And what are sessions for?

What I was thinking was to run a continuous 24/7 log job with a “Battery Saving” profile.
And when I am hiking, start a simultaneous job but with a “Max Precision” profile and stop it when I am back, so I have a the precise path followed during that hike.

Does it makes sense? Should I use “Phone Track log job” or “Nextcloud Maps log job” for this?

Thank you