Replacing the Pi by a ODROID-C2 or a ROCK64

If I decide to replace my Pi by a ODROID-C2 or a ROCK64: Is there anything special to be considered during installation and configuration? Is the login the same (login with user “pi” and password “raspberry”)?
Which device is the most powerful?

I’m not familiar with the ROCK64, but I do have an C2. It’s definitely more powerful than the Pi. I would strongly suggest using the eMMC module vs. an sd card as the C2 storage as well.

For the C2, it’s basically standard Ubuntu, vs Raspbian on the Pi. I believe the default login for their Ubuntu image is root/odroid. The OS images and support wiki are here:

For Nextcloud you’d want to use the standard Ubuntu documentation:

Thanks for the information!

just as an addition to rotational’s answer. There is one more very helpful “how to” I did use to get my odroid C2 running and operational:


you seem to be a bit unsecure about what new hardware you want to buy. Maybe I can help you with another option to increase your indecisiveness :crazy_face:

I was in an comparable position as you one month ago. I was thinking about buying an Odroid C2. But the killer for me was, that it only supports USB 2.0 (remember that’s 480mbit/s including overhead => net transfer rate 320mbit = 40mb/s). Then I found the Odroid HC1/(Odroid HC2) which is primarily build as a NAS device, so it seemed perfect for Nextcloud. But then I contemplated and didnt like the fact, that you could only connect one fast hdd/ssd to the SATA port and then other harddrives would only connect via USB 2.0. I wanted to have at least 2 hdds attached to my nextcloud server, one as a cloud_drive and one as a backup_drive and I wanted the backup procedure to be fast. Of course you can stack multiple Odroid HC1s on one another, but that would be too expensive for me and then the ethernet connection would be the bottleneck. So that was not satisfying for me.

So, I eventually watched a nice youtube video about the Rock Pi 4 (you might wanna watch it too :wink: There is actually a 2nd follow up vid). And it actually has all the features i wanted

  • 2x USB 3.0 (5 Gbit/s) + 2x USB 2.0
  • Gbit Ethernet
  • raspberry pi form factor
  • passively cooled
  • reasonable price
  • Fast cpu in comparison to Raspberry Pi 3b+

It’s available as

  • Model B with PoE header, 802.11ac wifi, bt 5.0
  • Model A without those 3 features
  • Ram Can be chosen from 1GB, 2GB,or 4GB

I bought the A Model with 4GB, because I dont need wifi. I would’ve taken the 1GB version which should be more than enough of ram, but with 4GB i just got over the free shipping threshold, so it seemed like a bargain to me (probably wasn’t :grin: but still). The good thing about more ram is, that nextcloud can cache more data in it. My nextcloud server on the rock pi is now up and running and i get transfer rates of mostly 200mbit to 600mbit. Sometimes, when i want to download files, that are currently cached, I even get the full 1gbit/s. I think with an average ssd I would almost always get the 1gbit/s. Oh and if you want, you can also mount an M.2 ssd with Nvme protocoll which is nice… but maybe overkill x) That topic is also treated in the Youtoube videos posted above.

All in all it definitely comes down to costs (in your country) and personal preference.

If you want to buy a Rock Pi 4, I would recommend buying

  • the big heat sink (there is an official one from the Rock Pi board maker radxa)
  • eMMC Card
  • eMMC to USB adapter
  • Of course power supply (not a cheap one) and cable (USB Type c!) needed.

The same applies to the Rock Pi 4 if you use its Ubuntu server distro. Maybe it’s even the same with Debian Desktop.

I dont know anything about the Rock64, so I didnt address that board.
I hope I could confuse you more. Let us know, what system you are going to buy :slight_smile:

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Also thanks a lot!

Also thanks a lot! I’ ll inform you about my decision.

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Hey, just wanted to give an update to my recommendation… The Rock Pi did not work for me. Rock64 on the other hand looks promising since its very similar to the rock pi :slight_smile: