Replacing HDD which contains NC data directory

Nextcloud version : 20.02.
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 20.04.02
PHP version : 8.0

Im running an Ubuntu / LAMP stack which is installed on an SSD. The NC Data directory is on a encrypted RAID 5 array. I need to replace the RAID5 array and would like to have confirmation that my desired workflow will be successful :slight_smile:

  1. Put NC in mainteneance mode
  2. copy entire NC data dir to ext. HDD
  3. dismantle old Raid 5 array (one huge logic drive) and set up new RAID 5 array with new HDDs
  4. copy back NC data directory from ext. HDD to new Raid 5 array.
  5. Deactivate NC maintenance mode

Am I missing anything?