Replace folders with logos or graphic

I have done a bit of looking around, and the only suggestions I can see is to create a new theme, but that is not really what I am looking for.

I was wondering - has anyone or is there a way to change the ‘folders’ icon with a custom graphic for each ‘folder’

I am running external shares - where I am importing some files external to the server (using scp and a few other things) and while a folder name is cool - I was wondering if I could use a company logo for the ‘folder’

EG: I may bring in BBC news and would like a BBC logo for the imported files, and a CNN as the icon for the folder containing ‘CNN’ content.
This can happen down the folder tree… but if I were to create my own theme, the folder icon would be the same for every folder.

Anyway, just wonder if it could be considered as an app, or as a option when you create the share folder to include a unique icon/logo/picture as opposed to a generic folder…

Thanks in advance.

You have described exactly the biggest hurdle.
That is exactly where the difficulty lies.
There are already different folders for favorites, shared folders, group folders, etc. A small overlay icon with svg is then loaded over them. You should follow this path but I can tell you right away that it will be a tough nut to crack.

Much and good luck,

You can see here how that is done: