Replace docker nextcloud-aio SSL

Hello friends
Today I installed nextcloud - aio using Docker.
Its SSL is lets encrypt.
I want to replace the wildcard but I don’t know how to do it.
Is this possible without Reverse Proxy?
Please help me.

No, it is not possible without Reverse Proxy.

Thank you for your response. @szaimen
How can I renew this certificate?

You mean how to install AIO behind a reverse proxy? For that see all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

I was thinking that it might be possible to renew the current certificate that belongs to Let’s Encrypt.

You have not described with any word what you are experiencing so I am confused now.

I want to be able to use the certificate in any way.
Currently I don’t have Reverse Proxy and nextcloud works with Lets encrypt.
I have 2 ways.
I need to find a way to be able to continuously renew lets Encrypt or to be able to use wildcard.

The in AIO included cert should autorenew itself automatically.

You can configure a wildcard cert by following the docs for how to install AIO behind a reverse proxy and then use the wildcard cert in your reverse proxy as cert.

I used official aio on docker.
I also used cloudflare DNS to make the service public so that I can access nextcloud from the Internet.
According to these cases, will the certificate be automatically renewed?

Yes, it should renew the certificate automatically.

Thank a lot for your time and reply.
In the audio that renews automatically, it is perfect for me.