Repeated "toaster" notifications Win10 client 3.0.3

After update to desktop client 3.0.3 I keep receiving windows notifications (toasts) from nextcloud client regarding old events. This notifications are repeated once an hour. This is annoying as series of notifications appear multiple times per day.

can somebody confirm the issue?
any idea how to troubleshoot it?

Expected behaviour

windows notification should be created only once when specific activity occurs. it should not repeat.

Actual behaviour

notification like “app recomendation”, “remove wipe started/finished” shown to user multiple times per day.

Steps to reproduce

  1. install 3.0.3 on Win 10 (NC server
  2. let it running for some time

Client configuration

Client version: 3.0.3,
Operating system:: Windows 10 Enterprise

Server configuration

Nextcloud version:19.0.3 (docker)


nothing logged in the client log even if “capture debug output” is active