Repeat option in Music App doesn't work

I’m trying to use the repeat option in the top right corner of the Music App and no matter what I do it won’t repeat the same song. When selected it just goes to the next song in the list. The shuffle option works fine playing different songs in my entire collection but not the repeat option in my environment below. Any thoughts on making this work? Maybe I’m misunderstanding the option. Thanks very much.

Nextcloud 19.0.5
Music App 0.17.3
Firefox 83 /Windows 10 2004

This has been answered in In short, the app currently has no feature to repeat a single song, only an album/artist/genre/playlist/etc. may be repeated. The option to repeat an individual song will be added in the next Music app release.

The “repeat one” option has now been added in the Music app v1.0.0.