Renewal of client certificate

I’m using SSL with expiring client-side certificate to connect to a nextcloud server.
After client installation and first-time connection to nextcloud server the client opens a dialogue that let’s me choose a client-side certificate.
Unfortunately once the certificate expires, it is not possible to re-invoke the dialogue to replace the old certificate with a new one. The only way seems to be to remove the connection completely and add it again.

How can I invoke the SSL certificate dialogue for an existing connection?


Can you please explain in more detail how you are using the client-side certificate, which client you are speaking about, which software versions you are using, etc., etc.


the client version is 3.10.0 build 17671 running on MacOS 12.7.
The server version is 25.0.3

there is an nginx reverse proxy in front of the nextcloud server enforcing ssl authentication and user has to authenticate to nextcloud afterwards.

The problem with expired certificates on mac client has been there for at least two years already (since I started using nextcloud on mac) so this is nothing new.

The only way to invoke the client certificate dialogue has been to “remove account” from the client and add it again.