Rendez-vous not visible in shared calendar


To start, i’m sorry for my english which is not very good.

I’m a fresh user of Nextcloud.
I use it on raspberry 4 with 4GB Ram and my version of Nextcloud is the last.

I’ve got a small issue with the calendar app.
I’ve created a calendar with my user Admin.
I shared this calendar for two others users whose can write in this calendar.

If they add manually a rendez-vous in the calendar every other users can see it after synchronisation.
But if one of them take a rendez-vous using a website like, an email is sent in the mailbox of the user and a button Add to agenda is available.
If the user click on it, the rendez-vous is correctly added in the calendar but, it is not visible fir other user by default.
I haven’t find any solution to this issue.

Is there someone who met this issue too ?
Did you find a solution and if yes which ?

I hope i’m clear in my explanation.

Thanks a lot for your help.


The event exported from Doctolib might have an CLASS attribute that isn’t set to PUBLIC (which could make sense to be set, since it’s a medical appointment).
This corresponds to the “If shared, show full event/show as busy/hide event” setting in the event editor of the calendar app.

Hello tcit,

Thank you for your answer.
I’m agree with that but isn’t it possible to change that by a parameter in the calendar app ?
If a class exists, do you think i can see it in the ics file i receive ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You can change it for the event with the event editor setting I’ve mentioned earlier.

Yes, look for CLASS= into a VEVENT block.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve watched the ics file and i found the CLASS. Its value is PRIVATE. I understand better now.

However, when I add the rendez-vous by using the button ‘add to my calendar’ my app under Android (Acalendar) doesn’t offer me the choice to change this setting.

I wouldn’t want use Google Agenda anymore on my Android phone.

Maybe the problem come from the app i use. If it is the case, could you suggest me an app more useful ?

Thanks in advance

Google Calendar indeed has the option. Etar (fork of the old stock Android app) has such an option.

Than you very much for your help.
I finally found another solution which is :

  • Configure DavX to connect to the calendar as Admin (user who share the calendar)
  • Use this connection in my app ACalendar

My mistake was the configuration of DavX with my account. Then after this changes i’ve solved my issue.

Thanks again for your help and your reactivity.