Renaming shared read-only folders. Expected behaviour?

I just came across this scenario and I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is supposed to be.

User A shares a folder with user B without any permissions, i.e. it’s a read-only folder.
User B can move that folder wherever they like which is great. However, user B cannot rename that shared folder. Only when user A gives write permissions to user B, it’s possible for user B to rename the folder.

Is that expected behaviour? I’m puzzled because yes, it’s a read-only folder so renaming isn’t allowed. On the other hand, user B can move the folder anywhere they like.

What are the thoughts on this?

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I don’t know the thoughts of whoever decided this (assuming you’re talking about files), but I agree that I tend to want to control what folders shared with me are called. The bookmarks app for example has a separate title for the original shared folder and the folder as it appears in the sharee’s tree.

Yeah, I’m indeed talking about sharing folder in the Files app.

That makes sense to me too, being able to rename folder shared with me even if they are read-only.