Renaming generates a copy

I am using a Windows client application. If I try to rename or save before synchronization, a copy is generated.
Before I know it, a large number of copies appear.
What is the best way to prevent this?

hey @mh8710masaya and welcome to the communityforum of nextcloud.

I’m afraid your inquiry is missing really ALL valid and important information. We even don’t know for sure if you’re using nc-app or another one.

So please let us know more about your setup, serverenvironment and all the problematic softwares including their versionnumbers

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Thanks for the reply. I had not noticed your reply.
I am using the desktop app.
It’s a virtual file.

great! A first step in terms of information…
But still missing much. Too much.

Try to fill out as much as possible from this template to give possible helpers a fair chance