Renaming/aliasing this topic to 'talk'

Spreed - - Talk: Quite confusing… What if we simplify and just use ‘Talk’ from now on - and accordingly rename/alias this subforum to ‘talk’?

Could forum tags help with this issue? is still a dedicated solution, not necessarily connected with Nextcloud. But to be true, I am not sure about the aims with this, since development is stuck for a while:

But for cross platform compatibility or might be still a good alternative.

But yeah, would be beneficial to clearly separate Talk app and then. At least the app has an own name now and not spreed as well, which leaded to most confusion in the past I guess.

I’m confused. Does Talk offer any benefits over app besides a different name?

Hehe 3 different things:

  • Spreed.ME: Dedicated WebRTC server solution with a wider feature range, that also provides ownCloud/Nextcloud apps:,
  • Spreed video chat app: Derived from Spreed.ME, with less features but easy setup, as the WebRTC server is integrated into the app and no dedicated thing anymore that needs to be installed/configured separately.
  • Talk app: New version of Spreed video chat app that just got renamed, indeed, to avoid confusion I guess :wink:. But together with the renaming, most missing features, known from Spreed.ME, were integrated as well (chat, screen sharing, …). Thus now Talk app is the obvious solution, if you going with Nextcloud. The renaming is not yet fully done:,, as you can see app store and github links still contain spreed :thinking:.
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Thank you. This level of clarity would be extremely useful as an FAQ in the official Nextcloud Talk documentation.