Rename local Nextcloud folder

Hi, as a simple nextcloud user I have a question.

The windows client creates the local folder as C:/users/name/nextcloud
When I add another nextcloud user it will be the c:/users/name/nextcloud2 etc.
I wanted to rename these folders for easier access. Like office-nextcloud and home-nextcloud. But it is not possible.

Can I reame these folders? and how?

Thanks for your help


AFAIK there is no way to rename the folder once it was added, but you can choose/define the folder during initial setup. If the folder is not empty one can let the client merge the contents with the cloud… so if you have local folder, just disconnect the account, rename the folder and connect the account pointing to the “new” destination…

Disclaimer: pls double check you have valid backup before you continue - so don’t loose data because of some strange sync issue…

Thanks! :+1:
I’ll try it - after a Backup