Removing of a release/share for a user is not possible

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I want to remove the release of a folder for a user. Therefore I klicked on details -> share of the folder. In the list with the users/groups which are invited/released for the this Folder I clicked on the tree Points at the end of the username and the bin Symbol (in german “Freigabe aufheben”) . Nothing happened. After a refresh the user is still in the list.

I’m the Administrator of the nc-installtion, Administrator of the Group and owner of the Folder. The release of the Folder for the user was made by an other site- and Group Administrator.

Output of log:

TypeError: Argument 3 passed to OC\Activity\Event::setObject() must be of the type string, null given, called in /homepages/11/d65873472/htdocs/svn/cloud/apps/sharebymail/lib/ShareByMailProvider.php on line 323 at /homepages/11/d65873472/htdocs/svn/cloud/lib/private/Activity/Event.php#377

I allready changed the php Version between 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3. The same result.

Maybe it is a bug in the social sharing APP, there are several Information here, please search the forum.

the solution was to empty the “file locked” table in the database.

i have another problem for a similar situation.

all data is in a external storage, there is a folder shared with external users (guests). I had an issue with the share so I had to remap it using the occ commands. Everything works fine now, but the guests have an orphaned share (to the old external storage)

is there a way to delete them as an admin?