Removing (hiding) the "Personal" and "Settings" buttons

Hello everyone, I need your help. Maybe someone knows where the code is located that will allow you to remove the “Personal” and “Settings” buttons in the pop-up menu that appears when you click on the user icon, I can’t find it in any way. thanks!

The easiest way would be to use the Custom CSS app and add these style rules:

[data-id="accessibility_settings"] {
    display: none;

[data-id="settings"] {
    display: none;
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thank you very much, I couldn’t think of that! :sweat_smile:

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Not really secure.

In case such a limited user here in the forum ever searches for it.

a.) user can modify CSS code on client side (not too easy)
b.) user can access e.g. https://cloud.server.tld/settings/user :grinning:
(url can also found on all other Nextclouds)

But if you only want to hide it, it is a good solution.

if you can suggest where it would be possible to completely delete this item, it would not be bad :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes you are right. Then the link also not works correctly. My mistake.

There remains then probably only the possibility simply to use the correct CSS.
Maybe it is possible with browser dev tools (F12). But i have not tested it.

View and change CSS - Chrome Developers
Style Editor — Firefox Source Docs documentation

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Dear All, I do not get it: Ever since the update to 25.04 (I skipped 25.02 due to this issue) users that can download a document stored in nextcloud from my public website can write their name. I do not want to allow that. Any help? The custom css solution did not change anything. I do not even know to what this relates: user management, circles, sharing options?
I would highly appreciate a hint. Thank you!

(PS the line show above, as outline in the picture, only appeared after the 25.x udate.) So the question is how I can get rid of " outline | saved | user icons"