Removing download link in share link


I am looking for “stupid solution” just for convenience I would like to remove download link from share link, i send to my clients I know this is not a good way to secure contend bu form my clients it would be enough to not download it.


Why should you share data but doesn’t share the link to the resource? Can you please describe in a more detailled way what your use-case is and what you want to achive.

for example i am a photographer and sometimes I wish to show a work in progress or send video to review it would be nice to not have nice button or link to download it.

In every share config is option “hidden download”




You should be aware that all review activities are automatically a download, because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to see the data. Hiding a download button is always comparable with security by obscurity :wink:

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@agrabn @j-ed
You also can use the app Sharing Path Then you can use a link direct to the video. Ok than the download is much easier.

Use Network Analysis in the browser and you see that you can not deny download. Each http-request is a “download”.