Remove unnecessary clicks while updating windows client

AS IS: Everytime I want to update my nextcloud windows client, the updater forces me to click 15 times until the update is done.
There are silly questions like “do you want to remove the old version”.

TO BE: When the updater says that there is a new update, i want to click ONCE. I don’t wand to download something. The NC client should download the required files by itself, not going through a complete uninstall/install procedure. After successful update, he might say “the update was installed”. Close the notification automatically after one minute. Silly questions like “files have to be deleted” should be avoided . Customers asked me if they loose their files when they do the update.

99 percent of the users simply want to get the update done, nothing more. They are not interested in the ongoings under the hood. They are annoyed by all the silly questions. The best would be to have an option not to be asked about updates at all. It should simply work.

When you want things done your way, always use CAPSLOCK.
Master Yoda teaches this me a long time ago


You can write an issue here

I agree. Update Windows client is really annoying process.