Remove the remote.php?

How can I remove the remote.php part from the export url in the interface?

Also it appears that in the contact app there is no link, is it because it’s the same as the calendar app? If it is maybe it would be a good idea to display it anyway. Also, instead of “Export” maybe display “Link on other devices” or somethink like that, since export mean more like save and not like sync. In my words at least.

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It’s not possible. I have seen a proposal on github but it wasn’t so easy to remove it. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it any more.

Very sad.

I’ll try to modify the core. :\ Just a bummer since in the next release I’ll have to make all my small changes all over again.

Thanks for your reply mate.

If you make changes that are useful for other, you can submit a pull request and make it part of the official code. Then we can all benefit from your modifications and you don’t have to apply the changes after each update.

Thanks for the proposal. I’m quite good at coding, just not used to git :\ (A shame, I know!)
Which branch should I fork if I want to apply/propose my own little changes?

The master branch is the active development branch where new features should be pushed to. This will become the next version NC 13.

For some reason this feature even got requested twice in September 2017 :slight_smile:

Yes, with an explication that it isn’t possible right now and there are no current plans to do so (only internal use of these URLs).