Remove owncloud packages without losing my data

Hey Guys,

I’m running nextcloud 10.0.1 on a debian 8.0. I migrated it from owncloud (replacing the folders except config and data).

When I now run a apt-upgrade, I get a warning:

How can I get rid of the owncloud source entry and still keep the PHP and Apache settings?

At the moment I can’t update any packages at all because of this.


Is your Nextcloud still setup under the default owncloud-path (/var/www/owncloud)? I’m not 100% sure about the apt-routing, normally only program data is removed but no user data. But you manually replaced the code so it’s not sure what will happen. In that case, I would do a full backup of this folder. Then remove the owncloud packages and if something is deleted, you can restore it from your backup.

For the apache settings, if you have the owncloud.conf in /etc/apache2/conf.d or sites-enabled, you can make a copy of that file. And worst case you can set it manually from the manual:

yes it’s still under /var/www/owncloud

I’ll gonna try it! Thanks!