Remove "login with chat" and "login without chat" buttons settings


On my Nextcloud server (v.16.x) there are two additional buttons on the login screen.
Of course these buttons are not needed for me. I want to remove them.
There are no settings for this (should be ?).

After a “short” conversation with the author:, all I can do (in his mention) is to make a “pull request”, and he closed the “issue” immediately. Unfortunately there is not “wish list” or “feature” place when I could write it.

Alright, but I am not a programmer. Moreover, such option to remove these buttons should be crucial I think, because not everybody wants to have additional login options on the FIRST main screen.

Anyway, does someone know how can I achieve this ?
Has anyone done this kind of modification before ?

I need to only remove these two disturbing buttons, because the chat is quite good, but without an option to remove the buttons, it’s useless for me…


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As an open source developer I can’t implement every feature request. If you really like to have this option I can make you an offer for an implementation. Just write a message to

If you like to maintain a fork, or do those changes only temporarily you could remove those two lines and run yarn start inside the repository to build new js files.

An other option would be to inject css and hide those buttons.

I understand, thank You for options to modify it.

But as a developer You should have in mind, that a logn screen is a place, where You enter the city.

Login page is Your “key” place. But the “chat” is just an option and should be changeable - turn off/on.

So from what I understand, You offer a premium update, for $, but the “free” version is unupdatable ? : )

No. Everything is updateable because it’s free software. You can make those modifications by your own and use your own version of this app. For me your feature request is not important, so why should I implement it? If someone else is doing it, I’m happy to integrate/merge it, but until this point I have no need to put some of my free time into this. So if you like to have it, you can motivate me with some money or implement by your own. Maybe you also have a friend who can make the modification and open a pull request.


I was trying to find a way to do this and I would like to describe the solution found based on the last suggestion.

According with this method, you can hide the buttons by override the CSS. To do this you can install an app called “Custom CSS” and add a specific CSS code to hide the buttons in custom settings.

  1. Install “Custom CSS” app:

  1. Go to the Configuration/Theming options and find the configuration of Custom CSS .

  2. Add this lines in Custom CSS box settings to override CSS by id and hide the buttons:

#jsxc-submit-wrapper {
	display: none;

4. Click in save button.

Then the buttons must have been hidden.

I hope this helps.